Apollo Cyber RT is an open source, high performance runtime framework designed specifically for autonomous driving scenarios. Based on a centralized computing model, it is greatly optimized for high concurrency, low latency, and high throughput in autonomous driving.

During the last few years of the development of autonomous driving technologies, we have learned a lot from our previous experience with Apollo. The industry is evolving and so is Apollo. Going forward, Apollo has already moved from development to productization, with volume deployments in the real world, we see the demands for the highest level of robustness and performance. That’s why we spent years building and perfecting Apollo Cyber RT, which addresses that requirements of autonomous driving solutions.

Key benefits of using Apollo Cyber RT:

  • Accelerate development

    • Well defined task interface with data fusion

    • Array of development tools

    • Large set of sensor drivers

  • Simplify deployment

    • Efficient and adaptive message communication

    • Configurable user level scheduler with resource awareness

    • Portable with fewer dependencies

  • Empower your own autonomous vehicles

    • The default open source runtime framework

    • Building blocks specifically designed for autonomous driving

    • Plug and play your own AD system